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We are a boutique private Florida law firm that focuses solely on helping you and your loved ones deal with addiction through the Florida Marchman Act.


Focused on The Florida Marchman Act

Addiction Recovery Legal Services is the only law firm in Florida whose sole focus is Marchman Act implementation and litigation.

We’ve handled more than 2000 cases. Our experience, training, and education provide you with the best Marchman Act advice available.

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Scheduling an appointment for an in-person or telephonic in-depth consultation is easy! Consultations last 30 minutes and cost only $75.00.

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Our consultation fee is a small price to pay for those trying to determine whether implementing the Marchman Act is right for them.

Other attorneys who offer a Free Consultation should be questioned as to their experience and expertise, as these attorneys have just recently entered this area of law and have only handled a minimal number of cases.

Don’t waste another moment hoping things will get better.

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Helping Families Bring their Loved One into Treatment and Recovery

Addiction Recovery Legal Services, LLC is a boutique private Florida law firm that only concentrates in helping families deal with addiction through The Florida Marchman Act.

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Our commitment to you

Our commitment is the same as every friend, parent, spouse or relative of someone suffering from addiction; To obtain immediate compulsory intervention and detox for the addict with a seamless transition into an extended period of court-monitored treatment that will ultimately equip the addict with the necessary tools to regain a lifestyle of abstinence, independent recovery and health.

ARLS will utilize every legal avenue available under the Florida Marchman Act statute to help addicts and families fulfill this commitment. We stand by this commitment.

Alan Levine

Alan Levine

Florida Marchman Act Attorney

Alan S. Levine, Esq. is the founding Partner of Levine and Associates and founding co-partner of Addiction Recovery Legal Services, LLC. He has been a member in good standing of The Florida Bar and the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida, since 1990.


Ted Marrero

Ted Marrero

Florida Marchman Act Attorney

Ted Marrero has lived in Orlando since 1971. He is the son of Cuban immigrants who came to this country in the 1950s. He was born in New Jersey but raised in Orlando, graduating from Bishop Moore High School, University of Florida and finally Nova University Law School in 1989.


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